• Featured Floorplan: The Danbury

    The Danbury from Southland Log Homes

    A welcoming exterior is the first thing you'll notice about the Danbury from Southland Log Homes. It's charming and quaint, and the perfect one-floor log home to suit your dreams. But don't let the charming exterior fool you ... this 1,778 square-foot home will provide plenty of space for you to enjoy. 

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  • Floorplan Feature - The Caroline I

    The Caroline I from Southland Log Homes

    The stage is set when you enter the front door of the Caroline I into the two-story foyer, and glance up to see the open balcony above. This is a log home you want to come home to.

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  • The Maypole

    The Maypole from Southland Log Homes

    Sometimes dreams do come true. When the owners of a small cabin in the mountains of North Carolina decided to add to their small existing log home, “Caroline,” they never dreamed it could turn out like this. 

    The Maypole by Southland Log Homes

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  • Featured Floorplan: The Maury

    The Maury from Southland Log Homes

    Spring is just around the corner, and we have dreams of coming home to our new Log Home just as the earth begins to awaken. Meet the Maury from Southland Log Homes. A warm, inviting exterior is what will greet you and your guests as you drive toward your new home. 

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  • How do you say "Dream Home?"

    When you think of your dream home, what comes to mind?

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  • Floorplan Feature - The Barbour

    The Barbour from Southland Log Homes

    The view from all sides of the Barbour from Southland Log Homes is stunning from all sides, given the porch that wraps around the entirety of the home.

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  • Floorplan Feature - The Adirondack

    A dream come true? You may think so when you see the beautiful profile of the Adirondack from Southland Log Homes. Its 2,633 square-feet of living space provide myriad options for customization. Your own creativity is your only limit.

    The Adirondack from Southland Log Homes

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  • Featured Floorplan: The Haven

    The Haven Floorplan from Southland Log Homes

    When you first lay eyes on The Haven from Southland Log Homes, you'll be stuck by its charming welcoming exterior. It's an inviting log cabin that you and your family are sure to enjoy for years to come.

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  • Cozy Cabins ... Small Log Home Plans to build your Dream

    You've been asking to see some of our small log cabin plans, so today we're featuring several plans all under 1,700 square-feet. These cozy cabin plans are the perfect place to begin your dream of owning a log home ~ great for building that bungalow in the mountains or for building your forever home. You choose!

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  • Furnishing Your Dream Bedroom with Southland Log Homes

    You've begun to build your dream home ~ the perfect Southland Log Home where you can build family memories for years to come. And then it dawns on you ... it's time to furnish your dream home. But where do you begin? Thanks to Southland's relationship with Furnitureland South ~ the World's Largest Home Furnishings Showplace ~ you have a host of design experts at your fingertips. Not to mention miles and miles of furnishings from which to select.

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