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Frequently Asked Questions2018-09-10T10:17:47-04:00

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the delivery cost of a Southland log home to my property?2017-07-05T14:00:53-04:00

Southland’s package price includes all freight charges to your property.

What type of wood species do you have available?2020-05-22T12:22:37-04:00

The two varieties of wood species that we offer are Eastern White Pine and Southern Yellow Pine.

Each species has its own distinct characteristics and energy values. We have found most of our customers choose pine because of its strength and durability. Because of these properties, yellow pine was once used for the construction of roller coasters, before the use of steel.  Pine logs also have an attractive wood grain that adds to the natural beauty and character of your log home.

Are Southland log homes “green” (environmentally friendly)?2017-07-05T13:59:27-04:00

In addition to energy efficient performance (see above), Southland log homes contain a higher percentage of renewable building materials than most ordinary homes.  This is because Southland’s logs provide both the structural support as well as the primary decorative components of the home.  In a Southland log home, the same elements that make the home “green” also make it beautiful.

How well insulated are your homes compared to conventional construction?2017-07-05T13:58:40-04:00

Our kiln dried log walls outperform an R-15 conventionally framed wall.  Because our logs have a high “thermal mass”, a log home can be heated and cooled from 25% to 46% more efficiently than conventional construction, as determined by Department of Energy testing.  In addition, our windows and doors are all double paned, Low-E, and argon gas filled to improve energy efficiency.  Southland material and designs have been shown to qualify for Energy Star certification.  Energy Star is a U.S. government program that certifies homes, building components and appliances that achieve significant energy savings.  Independent testing results confirmed that a Southland log home can receive a five star rating under The Home Energy Rating System.

Are fires a concern in log homes?2017-07-05T13:57:20-04:00

Because of the mass and density of Southland’s logs, they will generally take much longer to ignite than would conventional lumber in a conventional, air-filled, framing structure.

What kind of maintenance comes with owning a Southland Log Home?2017-07-05T13:56:33-04:00

Because your logs have been properly dried and treated, the only maintenance required by our homes is the application of exterior stain.  After an initial application, exterior surfaces that are exposed to the weather (not under an eave or porch) may require follow-up applications of stain every five to seven years.  This is an inexpensive process that many homeowners do themselves.  It is usually easier than painting or pressure washing an ordinary house.

Is special treatment required for termites or carpenter bees?2017-07-05T13:55:33-04:00

Your Southland log home is not any more susceptible to these pests than is ordinary construction.  You should use termite and carpenter bee protection that is standard for homes in the area that you build.

How are the logs treated?2017-07-05T13:54:37-04:00

Every log that we produce is kiln dried to prevent shrinkage and twisting that could otherwise cause problems in the construction of the home.  The logs are then inspected to remove any logs that do not exceed our grading standards.  In the mill, the logs are precut, numbered, and then treated with a naturally occurring salt solution to provide long-lasting resistance to termites and other pests.

How long does it take to build?2017-07-05T13:53:26-04:00

Construction time depends on how large your home is, but is very similar to other types of construction. Contact your log home specialist today to develop your ideal timeframe.

Can I have my Southland log home built anywhere?2017-07-05T13:51:56-04:00

Southland log homes have been built in every region of the US, as well as many countries around the world, including several European countries, as well as Japan and China.

What comes with your log home package?2017-07-05T13:50:38-04:00

Southland provides all of the materials to get your home to the “dry-in” stage, including all exterior and interior log walls, complete roof system including shingles, all exterior windows and doors, interior framed walls, floor systems and first floor pine flooring, all porches and decks, and associated fasteners, caulk, and stain.  Much more detail on what is included in the package, as well as upgrades, is available from Southland’s log home consultants.

How much does it cost to build a Southland Log Home?2017-07-05T13:49:38-04:00

In general, it will cost about the same as a brick home, though there are a number of factors to consider, including:  size and complexity of the design, location, local building codes, topography of the site, foundation choice, choice of interior finishes, and use of glass.  Your Southland log home consultant is expert in helping you develop an accurate estimate for the fully complete or “turn-key” cost of your log home.  Contact us today for free plan development and pricing.

What makes Southland special?2017-07-05T13:23:16-04:00

More American’s have chosen a Southland log home than any other.  Whether you start with a plan from our huge library of log home designs or a rough sketch on a napkin, Southland’s log home consultants and designers will help you to develop and personalize your plan to arrive at the log home of your dreams, at no additional cost.  They will work to ensure that your design fits your lifestyle and budget; this is true for large, elaborate log homes as well as the perfect small log cabin.  And Southland does not stop there.  We support you through the entire process:  finding land, obtaining financing, selecting and working with a builder, supplying the highest quality materials, and providing project management.