The history of mountaineers is inexorably linked to the log homes which they built and inhabited. Many of the earliest settlers and explorers lived in primitive, one-room log shelters that allowed them to be both independent and in-harmony with nature.   Today, the “mountain” men and women who carry on that tradition don’t have to live in the same harsh conditions, but their desire to connect with the land carries on. Many build log cabin homes as full-time retreats while others create weekend refuges where they can break out of the 9-5 pace of the workday. Here’s a look at some of the different types of mountain-loving women and men of today. Which are you?

The mountaineer who craves fresh air and relaxation

This type of mountaineer simply wants a place to go to get away from it all. They build their log cabin homes deep in the woods or on isolated mountains where they have a great view and lots of fresh air and sunshine. If you are a mountain lover who craves fresh air and relaxation, you may have a “normal” home closer to civilization, but you come back to your cabin often to recharge your batteries and escape the pressures of everyday life.

Independent mountaineer who lives off the land

Mountain women and men who live off the land are deeply respectful of Mother Nature and the harvest she provides. They grow most of their food themselves and make use of things like solar panels and rainwater recyclers to provide power and other modern conveniences for their log homes. If you are a mountaineer of this variety, you likely take pride in providing for your own needs but are still willing to help out a neighbor when needed.

Mountain man or woman who goes to play

If you love playing with ATVs, mountain bikes, motorcycles, boats, or other “toys,” you are likely a mountain woman or man who goes to play. These mountain lovers own a cabin near a favorite lake or hiking trail, and they like to spend as much time as you can having adventures. These mountaineers are very active, and their idea of a good time is experiencing something new.

 Mountaineer who protects the environment

  A mountaineer who protects the environment is someone who goes to great efforts to be green. They make sure their lifestyle is not harming the earth in any way. Their log cabins are made from sustainable sources, and they use renewable resources wherever they can. If you’re a mountain man or woman of this variety, you may choose to drive an electric or hybrid vehicle, and you likely help to educate others about how they can reduce their carbon footprints.

Mountain man or woman who wants to explore

These mountain men and women follow in the footsteps of the great pioneers Louis and Clark—they love to explore and get to know their surroundings, and they use their log cabins as a base for their adventures. If you are a mountain man or woman who wants to explore, established trails and hikes are probably of less interest to you than the path less traveled, but you always take proper safety precautions wherever you go. No matter what type of mountain man or woman you are, Southland has a log home plan that’s perfect for you. Most of our floor plans can be adapted to suit your personality. Visit one of our locations today to get started with your own “mountain” adventure.