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Arts & Crafts: The Chestnut

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"There are elements of intrinsic beauty in the simplification of a house built on the log cabin idea. First, there is the bare beauty of the logs themselves with their long lines and firm curves. [...]

Harmony Lane | A Log Home in Georgia

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Sometimes a home just works. You walk through its front door and everything makes sense. A combination of elements comes together—a simple but contemporary design, a subtle connection to nature and an uncomplicated construction process—that [...]

Let the Festivities Begin!

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There's something about the beginning of Summer that feels like the beginning of a festival. Don't you agree? Long summer nights spent with friends and family under the stars and the kids chasing fireflies with [...]

The Gathering Place

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Do you remember Terry & Penny's log home journey? Well a few months have passed, and they're making great progress on The Gathering Place. So what's the latest news? All electrical is done, light fixtures, [...]

Featured Floorplan: The Richland

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The Richland was designed for entertaining! With front, side, and back porches, this log home welcomes visitors right away. Can you just imagine taking in the view from the back porch?Inside the home, the Richland makes [...]

A Home for the Holidays

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Log homes come in all shapes, sizes, and profiles, and no two dream homes are quite alike. When you think about your log home dream, what comes to mind? Do you love the Rockbridge, with its [...]

Featured Floorplan: The Alpine I

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Inspired by a mountain chalet, this is a simple but efficient log home plan at just 800 square feet. The large covered porch and open deck extend your living area outdoors, increasing the usable space in [...]

Featured Floorplan: The Carson

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The Carson from Southland Log Homes is the perfect size plan for nearly any piece of land.  With windows on all sides, the home can be oriented to take advantage of the most spectacular views. With [...]

Featured Floorplan: The Somerset

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It's fall ... time for bonfires, apple picking, and pumpkin spice everything. Walking down dirt paths as the leaves fall, smelling the crisp autumn air. Everything is magical this time of year. Coming home to [...]