The history of the log cabin is surrounded by the idea of exploration and independence, as well as a connection to nature and the great outdoors. This is what you can take part in when you watch the new series Building Wild. However, unlike the log cabins of old, the cabins being built today are not one room huts that are packed with mud to keep the cold out and oiled paper in the windows to let the light in. This rugged construction show will feature a variety of modern cabins being built on a new and wild piece of property during each episode. The entire process must be completed within a single week in spite of the unpredictability and challenges that the elements toss out. The Building Wild log cabin experience is meant for that special type of individual that has an innate sense of adventure and can also ride the ups and downs that commonly accompany an exciting endeavor.

Southland Log Homes will be featured on this series, which you can check out a preview below:

National Geographic Building Wild – Show Details and Episode