Families have a lot of choices when it comes to summer getaways. They can chose to go to veg out on a tropical island, sightsee in a different country, go camping and explore the wilderness or do numerous other things. We like to think of a getaway at a log cabin as the best of all worlds. Here’s why:

Family Time

Log cabins are an investment the whole family can enjoy. By putting money into a place you and your family can enjoy summer after summer you’ll be able to create a lifetime of memories and pastimes. In the summer whether you’re playing board games with your kids or they are outside catching lightning bugs, a log home is a cozy place to spend time with your family.

Southland Log Homes

Vacationing far away in a hotel can have its disadvantages. For starters most hotel rooms are cramped and many times not big enough for the whole family. They also don’t give you the same privacy of having your own place. With all the hustle and bustle of sharing your space with other hotel guests and their kids, it’s hard to really un-wind and relax at many hotels. Log cabins are a place you and your family can take pride in taking care of and help you build family traditions.


There’s nothing more American than fly fishing, hiking or exploring the wilderness and then returning to beautiful a log cabin. Log homes give you the feeling of camping and being out in the wilderness. Log homes with a porch are great places to star gaze on those perfect cool summer nights. Depending on where your cabin is located the options are endless when it comes to exploring around your cabin on 4-wheelers, setting up a tree house and making your home the ultimate adventure spot.

One more reason to invest in a log home is that new tax laws offer deductions and rebates. Log homes are also relatively easy to heat and cool so they will also be the right temperature during the summer. If you could have a log home anywhere in the world for the ultimate summer getaway, where would you want it?

Post written by John Seifer