A Message from a Log Cabin Home Owner

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As the President of Southland, I know the company pretty well. But I also live in a log home from Southland, so I can say this from personal experience: Living in a Southland log home provides great “quality of life” benefits. Sure, it’s a wonderful place to gather with friends and family for memorable holidays. And being in a Southland log home always seems to enhance whatever special occasion takes place there.

Ken Sekley, President - Southland Log Homes

Ken at his Southland log home with K’yo and Warrior, a PAALS service dog in-training..

But the real “quality of life benefits” are those everyday moments: Coming home to your Southland log home and being struck by its natural beauty, every time. Walking inside and letting the warm glow of the logs immediately begin to relax you. Taking pride in the craftsmanship and design excellence. Having that cozy dinner on your back deck. Enjoying that glass of wine by the fire. It is hard to assign a value to these things. And these are just a few of the many day-to-day moments that are what living in a Southland log home is all about.

We at Southland are committed to bringing this experience to each of our customers, and to helping them get into their own Southland log home.

By far, the two most common things that Southland’s customers have told me after building their Southland log home are:

  1. How much they love it.
  2. How they wish they had done it years earlier.

So … what are you waiting for?

Ken Signature - Southland Log Homes





Ken Sekley

President, Southland Log Homes