Southland Log Homes’ rustic creations can be found right here in Madison County.

When Scott Lee was a child, he enjoyed building houses with toys. Today, he says, life isn’t terribly different than it was then, as Lee helps to make “grown up” houses with Southland Log Homes.

“I tell my friends that I’m really just playing with a big boy’s Lincoln Logs,” laughs Lee. “I suppose it’s a bit more than that.” In early 2006, Lee was in the homebuilding business when he says he “lucked up” when an opportunity arrived that he couldn’t pass up. He joined Southland Log Homes and has since been discovering a different side of the construction business. Today, he makes log houses; not cabins, but homes.

“Everyone always asks me about Abe Lincoln,” says Lee, “but there’s a lot to these homes.” Southland Log Homes designs functional, modern houses with the rustic elements of a log exterior.

“In many ways, it’s exactly what you would think,” Lee explains.

“We make these logs that fit together, just like the toys. The technology is newer though. Our logs are treated to be water and weather-resistant. Inside, they’re just like any house you could want.”

Rather than constructing each home, Southland designs each home and produces the materials needed. “Buyers can come into our model home and look around. If you aren’t sure of exactly what you want, you can pick a floor plan out of a book. If you have your own idea, however, we can work with that too.”

Lee says that there are no limitations to what can be done with a log home. “We frequently have customers that bring in a sketch, and we will remake it. Design-wise, we can do just about anything that you could want; even multiple stories.” In fact, Lee says that the majority of their plans are of multiple-floor buildings.

Many customers are drawn to Southland’s down-home nature, but there’s more to a Southland home than the visual feel of a hunting lodge. Owners of Southland Log Homes can rest easily knowing that their home is also eco-friendly. “Our homes have great insulation. A log home is 30-40% more energy efficient than your standard home. We actually have a five-star energy rating.” Energy efficiency aside, all the logs used in the construction of a Southland Log Home are cut from renewable forests.

“Energy efficiency is really just the icing on the cake, though,” says Lee. “The draw of these homes is rustic, quiet living. A log home is a lifestyle. People want to relax, sip coffee on their porch and look out over a lake. What better way is there to do that than this?”

To flip through a few possible floor-plans, or just to take a peek at what your modern-day log house can look like, swing by Southland’s model home and offices at 421 Business Park Drive in Madison. For further information, visit Southland Log Homes.

Southland Log Homes - Featured ArticleSouthland Log Homes - Featured ArticleSouthland Log Homes - Featured Article