Now truly is the best time to buy, and to realize your dream of living in a log home. The economy is showing initial signs of turning around with the stock market rallying to yearly highs, consumer confidence levels rising, unemployment slowing, and an uptick in single family housing unit starts. This does mean however that you may be missing out on the savings that the economy has to offer. Mortgage rates are beginning to increase again from their 50 year lows, and builder availability is diminishing due to increased production. It is a buyers’ market and now is the time to act in order to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy the reward of living in a log home.

• Interest rates are at historic lows.

• Construction costs are lower than ever.

• It is still the prime building season.

Custom log home buyers are enjoying the most affordable construction costs in years. Contractors are available and more ready to work than ever. The waiting lists and inflexible pricing of the last few years are a distant memory. They are much more likely to work with your budget and your schedule to get you in your home. We have land brokers, builders, lenders and everything else you need to get the ball rolling on your new home. Our project managers will guide you through the entire process, as part of our Southland Total Solution. So, take advantage of this opportunity to realize your log home living dream. Otherwise, you may look back and wish you had.