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Featured Floor Plan: The Highland

Details ... they're what make things unique, adding visual interest to your dream home. From the moment you begin your log home journey, that's exactly what we focus on. The twin peaks of the roof...the detailed placement of posts to frame the front door... the gentle overlap of the beams creating visual interest ...no detail is left [...]

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Featured Floorplan: The Richland

The Richland was designed for entertaining! With front, side, and back porches, this log home welcomes visitors right away. Can you just imagine taking in the view from the back porch?Inside the home, the Richland makes the most of its 2,279 square feet. The centerpiece of the large Great Room is a stunning stone fireplace, perfect for [...]

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Featured Plan: The Berkshire

Hot summer days sipping lemonade turn in to nights watching the kids catch fireflies from the comfort of the porch. The Berkshire from Southland Log Homes brings with it an air of comfort that will welcome you after long days. Its charming exterior just beckons you to come inside. The Berkshire packs so much into its 1,791 [...]

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Featured Floorplan: The Danville

Imagine waking up and walking out onto the the back deck of your Southland Log Home with this majestic view ...Welcome to The Danville. A 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bathroom log home with so much character.The charming front of the home includes a welcoming front porch and three dormers.Enter through the foyer into the homes expansive [...]

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5 Tips for Working With Builders

One of the most important elements of successfully achieving your log home dream is working effectively with a log home builder.  Here are the key factors to help ensure that the construction of your log home is accomplished successfully, cost effectively, and with a minimum of stress.1.    Choose your log home supplier carefully and settle on [...]

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6 Steps to Owning a Log Home

For those unfamiliar with the process, building a log home can appear to be very mysterious. Log homes are beautiful places to live, and they offer a great quality of life, but how do you ever wind up living in one? This post gives a simple outline of the process and helps to dispel some of [...]

Featured Floorplan: The Pender

One of our favorite things about owning a log home are the incredible views from both inside and outside the home. Imagine the crisp morning air as you watch the sun rise from the deck which surrounds the home. When then weather keeps you indoors, you can still enjoy nature's beauty through the home's beautiful windows. [...]

Log Home Lifestyle

After working with thousands of people who have aspired to log home ownership, we have learned that “log home lifestyle” can mean very different things to different people.  And that is one of the unique aspects of a log home:  people “make it their own” in a very personal way.  Following are some of the general [...]

Top 10 Log Home Design Considerations

When you decide to build a log home, you gain a long list of benefits, including a beautiful home that will enhance your quality of life.  But one major benefit is not always immediately apparent:  You gain the opportunity to design a home that truly meets the personal needs and lifestyle of you and your family.When [...]

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