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5 Tips for Working With Builders

One of the most important elements of successfully achieving your log home dream is working effectively with a log home builder.  Here are the key factors to help ensure that the construction of your log home is accomplished successfully, cost effectively, and with a minimum of stress.1.    Choose your log home supplier carefully and settle on [...]

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6 Steps to Owning a Log Home

For those unfamiliar with the process, building a log home can appear to be very mysterious. Log homes are beautiful places to live, and they offer a great quality of life, but how do you ever wind up living in one? This post gives a simple outline of the process and helps to dispel some of [...]

Log Home Lifestyle

After working with thousands of people who have aspired to log home ownership, we have learned that “log home lifestyle” can mean very different things to different people.  And that is one of the unique aspects of a log home:  people “make it their own” in a very personal way.  Following are some of the general [...]

Top 10 Log Home Design Considerations

When you decide to build a log home, you gain a long list of benefits, including a beautiful home that will enhance your quality of life.  But one major benefit is not always immediately apparent:  You gain the opportunity to design a home that truly meets the personal needs and lifestyle of you and your family.When [...]

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Log Home Financing

Unless you have the cash to purchase outright, one important element in planning your new log home is determining how the project will be financed.  Financing a log home is very similar to financing any other newly built home, with just a few extra factors to consider.  The following post outlines the financing process and [...]

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Log Home Durability

A home constructed of solid logs can offer excellent durability against a wide range of natural forces:  rain, snow, sun, insects, and even tornadoes and earthquakes.  This article describes how excellent durability can be achieved and maintained in a log home in the face of all of these threats.Log SelectionLog home durability starts with the selection [...]

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How do you say “Dream Home?”

When you think of your dream home, what comes to mind? The Clay from Southland Log Homes is simply gorgeous ~ a log home that might just take your breath away. It's not just the porch views from both the front and rear of the home, or the floor-to-ceiling windows that provide glorious views of the [...]

Tips on Financing

You have an array of financing options to help make your log home dream a reality. But the lending landscape has changed in recent years, and it’s important to learn more about the process before you begin searching for financing for your new log cabin home.Important Factors to Consider in Financing Your Log HomeFinding lenders who [...]

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The Ultimate Man Cave

In recognition of Father’s Day, Southland Log Homes presents:A place to indulge in your hobbies, watch sports, hang out with friends, or even enjoy a little peace and quiet – create your Ultimate Man Cave in a Southland log home. Southland’s award-winning design team has turned its creative eye to developing The Ultimate Man Cave.Come out [...]

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Log Homes: From the Ground Up

You are invited to join us this Friday, April 8th at 4PM or Saturday, April 9th at 11AM or 2PM for an informative look at making your log home dream a reality. From the ground up,our experts will share helpful hints on:Designing your Log home Acquiring your PropertyFinancing your Log HomeSelecting your BuilderOur knowledgeable, experienced log [...]

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Southland and Energy Star

Southland’s log materials and designs have been shown to qualify for Energy Star certification. Energy Star is a U.S. government program that certifies homes and appliances that achieve significant energy savings.  Independent testing results confirmed that a Southland log home can exceed Energy Star rating requirements and receive a five star rating under the Home Energy Rating [...]

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