Mortgage rates are at incredible record lows.  However, credit tightness in the construction loan arena has made it more difficult for some to build their custom log home dream. One often overlooked opportunity is a home equity line of credit.  Despite recent market turmoil, the baby boom generation has generated unprecedented wealth in their homes and real estate.   This equity in homes or land can be an important tool to help with financing the construction of a new log home or log cabin. You can access the equity at rates as low as 3.5% and then pay it off when you complete your log home and convert it into a conventional mortgage.  Or, if you are planning to move, you can use it for construction and then pay it off when you move and sell your current home.  Equity lines of credit offer tremendous flexibility and a relatively hassle-free financing tool. A home equity line can be the lowest cost money available to help accelerate your plans of enjoying the lifestyle that only log homes can provide.   Why wait?