I met Randy Lynch 2 yrs ago here at our Fredericksburg model. Mr. Lynch has a soft, easy smile and would gladly stop to update me on the progress of his log home planning.

During the months it took to build his log home Mr. Lynch would stop in the model periodically giving us updates. I asked him to make sure he took pictures so we could put him in our photo album here at the model and he happily agreed to give updates and get me those pictures.

I hadn’t had a progress report from Mr. Lynch in over a year so you can imagine my surprise when he walked into my model with that same quiet, easy smile. I asked him for those building pictures. Randy informed me he did indeed have the pictures he’d promised of the building progress and was adding more, on his website.

If you get a chance I encourage you to take a look at it. Randy’s easy, charismatic attitude shows through even at the beginning. He talks about the log home package he bought from Southland Log Homes, the additions he made, including the costs and he justifies everything he does with good research and back up know-how from his builder. Randy’s customized log package completed will be a 4,600 sq. foot home (including basement) with a full wrap-around porch and a full walkout basement. The logs are 6×12 dovetail Western Red Cedar logs shipped in from the west coast by special order.

Randy tells you about his builder and the land he received from his parents to build on, which has an amazing view of the Potomac River? His web site even has an area to click on showing his plans, sketches and a list of the customizations he chose.

Each section of clear, crisp pictures on his timeline, starting April 19, 2006, features an area you can click on to take you to more in-depth photos and explanations of what work is going on and how things are progressing, or why they’re not. In the final frame dated March 23rd, you can view Randy’s corn burning heat system. There are also before and after pictures about certain areas of the house.

I recommend this web site as a wonderful informational resource, written by a real log home owner.