On July 24, Southland Log Homes kicked off its ‘Logs Across America’ event at 16 different log homes across the United States.

The event drew large crowds, showing prospective customers the process behind building log homes and creating an opportunity to meet homeowners and builders and to ask questions.

“We were very excited about the high level of interest in our event,” said Ken Sekley, CEO of Southland Log Homes. “It was great that so many people came out to learn about the advantages of log construction and all of our environmental benefits.”

At ‘Logs Across America,’ hundreds of consumers were able to view the natural beauty of log homes, consider the variety of personalized designs and learn more about the green lifestyle that is made possible with Southland’s log home packages.

“Our log homes are more energy efficient than conventional construction, and they incorporate a higher percentage of sustainable materials,” said Sekley. “From the raw materials to the finished home, log construction has a smaller carbon footprint. The highly durable construction and ability to personalize the design of the log home are great additional benefits.”

Southland Log Homes views this green focus as a growing concern in communities across the United States, and believes that the interest shown at the ‘Logs Across America’ event only reinforces the idea.

“When log homes are properly constructed, they can exceed ENERGY STAR rating requirements,” Sekley said. “This is becoming increasingly important to consumers, especially since they are looking for ways to save money on energy costs and protect the environment. This way, they can do both at the same time.”