Southland’s 3rd annual Log Homes Across America event was held on May 19th this year, and we want to thank everyone involved who made it such a huge success! Every year this event just keeps getting bigger and better. We love the opportunity it gives us to really demonstrate exactly why Southland has earned the reputation for being America’s Favorite Log Home.

Getting a Look at the Building Process

This event is a celebration of log cabin living. Southland locations all across the country, from Houston to Louisville, held a series of log cabin raisings. Attendees got the chance to see how our custom kits are constructed and how easy it is to get started. In every city where this event took place, people were impressed by our precision building process and our commitment to quality. Log home experts were on hand to help people get a feel for what the construction process is like and offer them advice about how to customize a log how kit of their own. Southland’s log homes are built not only to look great, but also to be energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Our homes are unlike any other in that they are designed for simplified assembly and manageable construction.

Southland’s Everyday Commitment

Even if you missed the Log Homes Across America event this year, you can still get a look at a fully-furnished log home at one of our many locations across the country. You’ll receive a free consultation to help you plan the perfect log cabin home, whether you want a large, comfortable home or a small cabin in the woods. Start right now by using our custom floor plan design tool, or come in to see us to find out how our Southland fits into your future.